Finding home.

I’m Savanna. I am a proudly turned hippie. You are going to learn things here. I am going to learn things here. I LOVE learning in any form; mostly about health and wellness, natural ways of living, yoga, meditation, and foods and cooking. Can you say you are passionate about herbal teas? Because I am. Particularly medicinal herbs. (I make my own out of herbs I’ve grown or get from local herbalists). I have so much fun making herbal tinctures, salves, balms, natural skin and hair care products (even when the first batch messes up). Plants, oh plants! Green things give me life. I spend lots of my time at tailgate and farmer’s markets finding the freshest local produce. I genuinely enjoy cooking and baking (most people are thinking, yeah right but I DO, I DO!) Messing up in the kitchen gives me a place to build off of and a place to learn. Learning what works for and feeds my body in a way I can give my all out into the Universe gives me a passion for foods and trying new things. Also for me, being in the kitchen is one big dance party 🙂 I am a die hard book nerd; so much that I miss them when I am not reading. I have lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains my entire life and have yet to explore all of its beautiful landscape. I want to spend my life protecting myself and this Planet from all that is harmful. I have a tuxedo cat I love so much it’s kinda weird. I also have a man I adore and get to share my crazy ideas with.

I wish I could say I have always honored my body, my mind, my spirit, my Higher Power, and the place I came from : Mother Earth. But this is not the case.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” ~Genesis 2:7 (King James Bible)

I met my Higher Power the moment I made the choice to honor my own being for what He intended. I never felt I had purpose, worth, or value until I started to treat myself with wellness, grace, honor, and the acceptance that I could be used as a vessel for my Maker.

Two years ago, I started finding my way home. Back to Earth, back to where I came from. Rock bottom is where He used me. I did not get to where I am with a lot of eloquence, it was messy and even messier. I have kicked and screamed. I have white-knuckled so many moments in two years I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted to throw in the towel. I have cried (and cried, and cried, and cried). I have had to make the choice to leave all negative behind, even friends and loved ones. But … I have breathed more than I ever knew possible (thank you yoga and meditation). I have looked at situations with new eyes. I have judged less. I have laughed more in two years than I have since childhood. I have felt all 4,906 emotions and been able to appreciate every one of them for what they are and know 100% that it won’t last (also, thank you yoga for that one). I have seen beauty in the things I used to scoff at people for (really, how AMAZING can a sunset be?! … Trust me, I see the awe of it now). I have been an influence on more people than I ever thought possible. But mostly, I have heard the voice of my Higher Power. I spent years and years talking TO Him and never truly listening to His words for me: “Honor ME, honor the Earth, honor others, honor my yes and my NOs, and most of all honor yourself because in your weakness and brokenness I will use you to be an example of My grace to all.”

With all the addictions, bad habits, harsh chemicals, wasteful behavior, poisons, self-deprecating behaviors, judgements, lack of grace and forgiveness, anger, resentment, pain, suffering … He used me. ME! I screamed at Him so many times “Why are you taking everything good away from me?” Only to get everything GREAT I was ever missing. I have found more foods, more interests, more adventures, more exploration, more joy, more love for others who live differently than I do, more compassion, more forgiveness, more patience (SO much more patience, oh my goodness) since losing all that was harmful to my body, my mind, and my spirit.

By honoring our Mother, we honor ourselves. When we choose to utilize, eat, and “medicate” from the Earth I believe we are honoring Him.

My blog is for sharing what natural and holistic ideas, concepts, foods, recipes, products, exercises, mindfulness practices, people, scripture, etc etc etc brought me to where I am today. I welcome any input, insight, or knowledge that will not only help me, but other’s on their journey to wellness and being the best version of themselves to put out into the Universe. I am so excited to be on this ride with my fellow knowledge-seekers. I more than anything hope to be a vessel of my God’s grace and love for ALL by sharing what I believe to be a mindful, holistic, and healing lifestyle.